Spin2Win -Week 8


Currently working out results for competition. Come back later

First ENTER your name and email below (you only need to do this once)

and then spin!


Are SPIN POINTS the same as entries to the major competition?

No. SPIN POINTS are different.

We will add up all the SPIN Points you earn in one week – and if you’re one of our top spinners you could win an instant prize and/or more competition points (entries)

Do I need to have entered the competition for a Weekend Getaway?

Yes. You can enter here. If you are ineligible to enter the competition, you are ineligible to win a prize on our spin wheel.

What prizes can I win?

Visit here to see the instant prizes we’re giving away.

How do I know how many SPIN Points I have accumulated?

Every spin result is recorded.

From time to time we will publish a leader board so you can see where you are ranked.

I was a top spinner this week. How will I receive my prize and competition points?

We will contact you via email with details of how to claim your prize.

Any competition points you have won will be added sometime during the week following your win.

It didn’t allow me to spin. What’s wrong?

Things to check:

Have you entered your name and email address?

Are you trying to enter a different email address from the same computer?

Have you already had the maximum spins for the day?

Have you refreshed the screen?

Can I spin the wheel using someone else’s email?

No. You can only play for yourself and by using just one email.

We have ways of detecting this, so please don’t try!

Why can’t I spin the wheel on my mobile device?

Sorry we can not gaurantee that it will work on all mobile devices.

If I win a Prize am I still eligible to win the weekend getaway?


Are there more terms and conditions?

For the fine print, see our contest rules.