Cheap2Travel was established in 2013 providing discounted accommodation and flight deals for travellers worldwide.

Cheap2Travel is not the direct owner of any of the products or services offered on this or any of their other websites. What we do instead, is search for great deals and pass those onto our fans. Along the way we collect small commissions from our sponsors and partners.

In 2017, we adopted a new strategy which underpins our philosophy. Unlike most other travel websites that spend vast amounts of money on advertising in order to attract customers, we thought, “what if we spent that money on giving away holidays and prizes to the fans themselves?”.

The result is a rapidly growing fan-base and a rapidly growing prize and giveaway list. We’re much happier giving our money to you then some big advertising firm.

Cheap2Travel operates a dedicated UK based site cheap2travel.co.uk and a worldwide hotel comparison website hotels.cheap2travel.co. The opening of the new destination site goldcoast.cheap2travel.co is the first part of a global strategy to deliver more targeted and affordable vacation deals to the public while providing our fans with the chance to win free holidays.